'Social Good Guides' a collection of 16 subject-specific guides

Social Good Guides are a collection of subject specific guides created for startup changemakers. The guides are an initiative of the Social Innovators Collective.

Each guide has been authored by a distinguished professional with sector expertise across; Strategy, Operations, Accounting and Taxes, Funding, Evaluation and Impact Assessment, Marketing, Branding and Identity. The guides are based on US experiences and business landscape, though have an international appeal also. The covers have been designed beautifully by seasoned graphic designers, and brought to life by a dedicated team of volunteers. Check out all 16 here!







British Council - Report: Social enterprise in the UK

This handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the UK’s thriving social enterprise sector. Packed with illuminating examples and useful links, it contains information on everything from the legal structures and ownership models adopted by social enterprises to the vibrant ‘ecosystem’ of support provided through schools and universities, incubators and accelerators. In its pages, you’ll also find an overview of the funding available for UK social enterprises covering grants, loans and investment as well as crowd sourcing and social impact bonds. There is a discussion of social impact measurement tools and of social enterprise networks, associations and media. The closing chapter looks at the critical role government has played in facilitating and steering the development of the sector in the UK. Read more here, and download your copy here

Getting the most out of Trustees and Staff

Top tips for getting the most out of Trustees and Staff and a Free Performance Management Guide for Trustees

Learning from an Excellence in HR and Trustee Management event, this document covers the essential top tips for getting the most out of your trustees and staff.

Overall, it was agreed that having compliance and governance requirements in place was the foundation for managing people effectively, before motivational factors could really come into play to help the team perform in their role. The download offers 6 top tips.

Written by Heather Black, Managing Director, Economic Change CIC

Measuring Impact of Volunteers

News from Economic Change CIC

Demonstrating the activity of volunteers and the contribution volunteering can make to the organisation and society is increasingly important to a number of stakeholders, especially funders, so it’s important to define what to collect, how to collect it, when to analyse it and what to do with the information.

Download this free briefing paper with top tips and resources by Economic Change CIC.

Running randomised controlled trials in innovation, entrepreneurship and growth

Here’s one for policy-makers, researchers and practitioners …

NESTA has created an introductory guide has been created to help policy-makers, researchers and practitioners in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth understand why, when and how to do a randomised controlled trial (RCT).

This guide provides enough knowledge to allow you to have meaningful conversations with technical experts, but also to help you better design and plan RCTs in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth. For those who are interested, the guide also offers signposts to more specialist sources.

For details visit the NESTA site.

The worldwide reach of social entrepreneurship

A new study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reveals the worldwide reach of social entrepreneurship.

The Social Entrepreneurship Report is based on interviews with 167,793 adults in 58 economies in 2015. Its findings have important implications for entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy-makers.

  • 3.2% of the world’s population is starting social ventures
  • 55% male to 45% female compared to 60/30 in ‘standard’ business

​To read the full report | CLICK

AUTHORS Niels Bosma Thomas Schøtt Siri Terjesen Penny Kew