Register here to create your account and you’ll get a confirmation email, You’ll need to then Login to create your social enterprise listing on the Brighton & Hove Social Enterprise Network Directory.

Please read the checklist and instructions before you start – it only takes 5 minutes. After you have submitted your listing it will be sent for approval, this may take a few days. BHSEN define a social enterprise as an organisation that:

  • Has a clear social and/or environmental mission
  • Generates (or is aiming to) the majority of income from trade
  • Reinvests most of its profits to furthering the mission

Step 1: Register to create your BHSEN account

  • Register: fill in the Registration form below
  • A Confirmation Email: will be sent with your username and password.

Step 2: Login to create your directory listing

  • Login: with your username and password, found in your confirmation email.
  • Create Listing: Once logged in you will need to create a “new item” and enter all the relevant details about your social enterprise (see Registration Checklist adjacent)
  • Approval: Once your listing is submitted it goes into a queue to be approved
  • Confirmation: we will send you a confirmation email including details on how to join our other groups

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