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Simon Bottrell of 7creative lead a hands on workshop on the 6th December 2016 that ultimately supported participants in creating a more effective communications strategy for their social enterprise. Our newest addition to our team, Sara Osterholzer, took part and shares an overview.

Simon began the workshop by highlighting the questions we were going to focus on which included: “What’s in it for YOU and THEM?”. With our brains switched on, we jumped straight into an audience mapping and prioritising work session where we were coupled with another participant to brainstorm and soundboard our thoughts and ideas. The second work session took our ideas to the next level. We focused on the bespoke and engaging messages needed for each individual group and the complexity that can create.

“Before the workshop I was feeling fragmented with all my ideas in my mind. This session allowed me to categorise and establish steps that gives me more confident in turning my idea into an enterprise”

Simon took time to visit each pair and offer his insight and suggestions. The comments were specific to our own organisations which you rarely get in workshops.

During the break, it was great to meet other social entrepreneurs who lead organisations I have heard or seen around Brighton and Hove. This was as much an opportunity to learn from an expert as it was an opportunity to support and learn from others on the same journey as I am.

 “This workshop has highlighted that it is not just about what we offer to our audience; it is about what benefit we bring to our audience”

In 2 and a half hours, I felt I got some real work done and left the workshop with clear next steps to follow. Thank you Simon for your nuggets of expertise and support.

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