Clifford Conway, enterprise tutor, Brighton University

“In many respects the business plan process will be very similar to that of a private sector startup business. Starting with assessing your own resources in terms of their relative strengths and weaknesses, Then trying to understand the needs of your service users, customers, clients and the resources of your likely competitors.

All this within the greater context of the sector/industry you are hoping to enter in terms of regulations/legislation, taxation, funding and legal structures.

Social enterprises will have particular issues to account for in terms of democratic structures within your staff and workforce, the involvement of service users and stakeholders in the provision and delivery of services. Social enterprises often have to bear additional costs either social or economic because of the need to satisfy a range of social and environmental goals, costs that private sectors may not have to bear.

Business planning often requires a diverse range of skills, from marketing research, branding, finance, managing people to understanding legal issues etc that all types of businesses often underestimate. This is why tapping into local sources of expertise, networking and any available training is strongly recommended.

At the University Brighton Business School we can offer two support services that are free of charge. There is the opportunity to join our students in attending the workshops that we run in business planning or you can submit your business idea whether its fledgling or established for our students to work with you in developing a business plan for possible implementation.

If you would like further information please contact me by email
The taught programmes run in October and repeat again the following February, dates and times to be confirmed.”

Clifford Conway – Enterprise Tutor

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