PR doesn’t just happen, it needs to be carefully planned out and a lot of the basics need to be put in place before the all out assault on securing coverage, whether that be in print, broadcast, online or, increasingly, through social media.

The basics of PR

  • Key Messages – what do you want to say about your business?
  • Key Audiences – who do you want to talk to and influence?
  • Key Media – who is going to be interested in your story and who will help you reach your audiences?
  • Key Aims – what do you want PR to achieve?

You also need to establish who will be the spokesperson for your social enterprise and then, if possible, look at developing a pipeline of possible stories. Continued momentum and the drip feed of key messages are much better than a one-off hit.

Once you’ve got the basics right, a few tips to employ to make sure PR works for you:

  • Get to know your key media and don’t be afraid to talk to them
  • Keep an eye out for national stories you can use to tell your story
  • Deliver the goods when the media puts in a request
  • Contemplate the use of creative photography
  • It’s not just about print these days, explore all the different types of medium available

If carried out successfully, Public Relations can be one of the social enterprise sector’s most powerful weapons.

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