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Last week The Platform team welcomed Sara Osterholzer to the team as the Social Enterprise Support Coordinator. As a member of the BHSEN, and already active in the #socent space, we wanted to introduce her to those who’ve not already had the pleasure of meeting her yet!

We are asked her about her journey to us …

Sara was first introduced to the concept of social enterprise while completing her International Business degree at The University of Sussex. It was there that she joined ENACTUS, a global organisation that supports university students in creating and growing social enterprise projects. Sara created the role of Social Project Coordinator as she saw a need to offer strategic and management skills to those students leading projects that didn’t have the business degree.

Since leaving university, Sara has worked as the right hand (wo)man for a number of entrepreneurs, gaining first-hand experience in starting up enterprises. She has lived and breathed the entrepreneur journey and is now wanting to use her experience and learnings to support a larger group of social entrepreneurs.

When we asked Sara why she choose to focus on social enterprises and what excited her in this space, she had this to say;

“The moment I was introduced to the term social enterprise, I saw it as a vehicle to marry my philanthropic and caring passions with the business expertise I was developing at university. I have been a #socent junkie ever since!

We are seeing a global momentum building up around caring for social and environmental causes. As a society, this change comes in the form of customers using their purchasing power to support the organisations that are focused on more than just profit. This movement excites me as I truly believe we will see a world one day where the term social enterprise will be redundant as that will be the norm. I want to be part of making that world a reality and supporting entrepreneurs that are making that a reality today.

I have followed The Platform for a few years. Julie and Fiona’s shared focus and vision was one of the reasons I wanted to get involved with the organisation. Now coming to the end of week two with the company, I know I’ve found my tribe that mirror my ambitions for this sector and enthusiasm and I am looking forward to growing the existing social enterprise energy in Brighton and Hove and beyond.”

We are excited to have Sara in the team who has already infected the sector with her enthusiasm backed up by an abundance of knowledge. We hope you’ll join us in giving her a warm welcome when you see her. Feel free to get in touch with her at sara.osterholzer@theplatform.org.uk

Let’s keep our city’s #socents growing!

Photo credit: NACUE: The Tata Social Enterprise Conference 2013

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