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On the 1-4 March, 2017, The Art of Hosting Brighton will take 35 people through a 3.5 day intensive training in the skills of Participatory Leadership.

But what’s that when it’s at home, and who really needs it?

Participatory Leadership, or “The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter” is an approach to harnessing the collective intelligence and self-organising capacity in groups of any size. Put simply, it’s about inspiring leadership in everyone, by tapping into what really matters to them, and creating space for them to act on it. It’s been taught to thousands of people worldwide, including 700 at the European Commission, across every sector you can think of.

max-st-johnMy name is Max, and I’m part of the international organising team, and a resident of Brighton. I’ve brought this training to our city because I want to support people to build their own leadership capacity, and for them to inspire that in their organisations and communities.

I believe that at a time when our political and economic systems are no longer willing or able to fully support us through times of rapid change, we need to be organising for our own future. And at a time where there seems to be a great deal of conflict and misunderstanding, that better dialogue is on the critical path to a better world.

My belief is that this approach to building better dialogue, and an increased sense of agency, can be a catalyst for healthy, active communities and organisations that can add value to them without huge resources.

We have 10 places left on this training, and we really want to hear from people in social enterprise and community development, who might like to join us.

Read the full details of the 3.5 day training in March and confirm your place.

Have you got questions?

On the 16th January, from 12.30-2pm, we’re running a lunch conversation on “What is The Art of Hosting?” for you to find out more about the training in March. Book your place for this introduction here.


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